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VIBES_003 Mixed By Nick Varon

"Dazzling'' EP Out Now On Assymetric

Nick makes a welcome Return to Asymmetric, with more deadly
hypnotic gems of the highest order. The title track 'Dazzling' is a
sophisticated blend of deepness, while also packing a punch for the
dance floor. The moody bassline sets the standard here, while a
combination of warm pads and twisted screeches combine, with just
the right amount of wonkiness, while always remaining a solid
workout throughout. 'Consistency' is one of those subtle tracks
that bubbles along, seemingly effortlessly, as its stripped back
vibe almost generates a soundscape within your mind. This gem is
constant and only minor effect or percussive hits change the trance
inducing vibe of this cool gem. A clever track who's subtlety
really shines. Early Support by - Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, Richie
Hawtin, Nick Warren, Pena, Sezer Uysal, Chris Fortier, Kassey
Voorn, Cesar Bass Romero aka Simply City and many more